[Review] Phantom of the Opera


   These days, I’m getting more time off of work. That means, more reading time

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I want all my secrets back
—six word story (via asdfghjkllove)

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Are people so unhappy when they love?
—Christine Daae. Phantom of the Opera. Chapter XIII, A Master Stroke of the Trap-Door Lover

A/N: My second slam poem. As usual, all thanks to Seph for introducing me to it


For every house there is a constructor
But the one who constructed everything is God

From the blazing glory of the Sun
To the splendor of the moons
From the majestic jewel that is Earth
To the puny creatures inhabiting it
Everything belongs to him

Yet mere wights that we are,
We claim that the Earth is ours
We who fight to establish
Our territory and boundary
Like dogs who mark posts

People kill and wage wars
Declare menace and threats
Forget that we are all the same
And let Greed dominate
All for a piece of land
Is that right?

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The beauty or darkness of the human soul should not be measured by outward appearances or deformities.
—John L. Flynn. The Phantom of the Opera introduction.
[Review+Spoilers+Face off w/ Les Mis] Tale of Two Cities


Les Mis and Tale are the only two books I’ve read that combines misery, wretchedness and the French Revolution in one book. Reading Tale vaguely reminded me of Les Mis.

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